Patrick Meenan


Career Stats:  Joined AV in 2012; former Microsoft (acquisitions & investments team) and Piper Jaffray (tech investment banking); Miami University
I joined Arthur Ventures: because I believe deeply in my partner James’ founding vision to build a sustaining firm outside of Silicon Valley that would work tirelessly to support founders for decades to come and be around a long time after we are gone.
The most successful entrepreneurs I work with: were told by others early on that their product was too niche, the market too small, their team too unproven, or their city wasn’t good enough to build a big company.  Today they are winning with product, defining new markets, reaching their full potential as leaders and are building their company with amazing local talent.
Most commonly given advice to early stage entrepreneurs:  build a business that doesn’t require venture capital
I have a particular soft spot for: bootstrappers
Family: Wife + Daughters + Golden Retriever
First job: Janitor
High school basketball career point total: 2

Investments: 250okAmbassador, FlipgridIonic, LeadPages, Rhiza (Acquired by Nielsen), StreamTalkroute, Terminus, Total Expert, and When I Work