James Burgum


Career Stats: Founded Arthur Ventures in 2007; former North Dakota Trade Office, Office of the Governor of North Dakota, Great Plains Software & Microsoft.  Graduate of North Dakota State University - Go Bison!

20 Words that Describe Me: Patient. Purposeful. Driven. Family. Friends. Community. Casselton. North Dakota. Twenty-seven Countries. Brazil. Entrepreneurship. Sailing. Skiing. Big Green Egg. Pelican Lake. 

Why did I start Arthur Ventures? To have an impact in the world. I believe there is no greater member of society that we can serve than that of the entrepreneur. The foundation of our world as we know it today was built, and is continually being rebuilt, by entrepreneurs willing to push the status quo; I wanted to build an organization that could join them on that journey in supporting their individual and collective efforts.

What traits do I look for in an entrepreneur? Courage, resiliency, humility, and a proven ability to attract talent and capital. An aptitude to clearly articulate a vision, mission, and values. I’m looking for incredibly passionate founders that are laser focused on solving a problem, I’m looking for company builders and category creators.

Most common given advice to early stage entrepreneurs: Focus on your mission and your purpose first.  To build enduring organizations, it is critical to have clarity on your purpose and a set of core values that are authentically articulated and lived.  Solve big problems. Be patient. Be purposeful. Stay focused.

What entrepreneurs should know about me: I’m an intent listener, quiet and soft spoken. I’m very curious and I love to learn. I enjoy reading, grilling, skiing, and sailing – but mostly I enjoy spending time with my family. In addition to Arthur Ventures, I enjoy volunteering in my community in areas that support entrepreneurship, free enterprise, economic development, and education. I’m a closet policy wonk and am fascinated with the intersection of business, government, and society. Most importantly, however, if there is only one thing you need to know about me…I like to win.

Investments: Agronomic Technology Corp (Acquired by Yara International), New Ocean Health Solutions, Datica, Infusionsoft, Intelligent InSites, JUMPLoyalty Builders, ProtenusPreventice (Acquired by Merck), Zipnosis