Arthur Ventures was born with the idea that with the right partners and environment, great software companies can be built anywhere.   

The Arthur Ventures logo is symbolic in that it all begins with the seed, whether it’s the seed of an idea or the seed of a plant.  The seed won’t grow unless it’s cultivated in the right environment. Arthur Ventures strives to provide a positive environment built on a foundation of trust to enable our partner companies to grow to their full potential. 

We experienced this years ago when an unlikely source provided the early growth capital for Great Plains Software (Microsoft). A family agricultural grain business located in the town of Arthur, ND (population ~500) was willing to invest in a dream and more importantly, a mission. That supportive environment and long-term partnership approach provided a foundation for a $1.1b software business to be built on the Great Plains of the Dakotas. 



Arthur Ventures’ mission is to enable a continuous cycle of innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth by providing a platform of capital and collaboration for entrepreneurs.



Arthur Ventures is a venture capital firm built on a foundation of core values that have been lived and learned on the Great Plains of the Dakotas. Our values are deeply held, guide our decision making processes and explain who we are.