100% B2B Software. 100% Beyond Silicon Valley.

We lead investments in B2B software companies located in every region across North America and Western Europe.


Why Arthur Ventures?

+ A Partnership Approach to Venture Capital

Building a business should be challenging. Feeling aligned with your investors shouldn’t be. Arthur Ventures is 100% referenceable by the founders we work with for emotional stability, clear communication, consistent expectations, and long-term commitment.


+ Founder Pledge

We pledge emotional maturity (listen first, talk second), immediate responsiveness (less than 1 hour response times), rational expectations (you won’t hear us say ‘unicorn’), and long-term partnership (5-8 years).


+ An Elite Peer Network

Founders learn best from other active founders. The Arthur Ventures network consists of 30+ B2B software companies that share best practices with one another in real-time as they scale through $10m, $25m, and $100m+ in revenue.

Our role as investors is not to tell you what to do or to repeat something we read in a blog post. Rather, our role is to facilitate real-time communication and learning within our network of active founders. Our intentional focus on a specific investment stage (early) and industry (software) enables Arthur Ventures to provide the most relevant data in the B2B software industry.


+ Independent Conviction

Each Arthur Ventures investment is core to our firm. We lead rounds, are often the only institutional investor, do the board work, and support all the companies we invest in throughout the life of the partnership.  These principles apply whether we invest $1m or $10m. 


+ Investing Everywhere

Our partner companies come from 20 different cities across each major region in North America and Western Europe. We understand the uniqueness of building businesses anywhere Beyond Silicon Valley, and we show up in person to build relationships with you and your team.


+ Beyond Silicon Valley DNA

Arthur Ventures was born with the idea that with the right partners and environment, great software companies can be built anywhere. Doug Burgum (Arthur Ventures Co-Founder) experienced this years ago when he literally bet the family farm to provide the early growth capital for Great Plains Software based in Fargo, North Dakota that grew to 2,000+ global team-members, went public, and ultimately was acquired by Microsoft (now Microsoft Dynamics). Beyond Silicon Valley is not just a geographic investment focus, but more importantly, speaks to our philosophy in the way we align with founders and their approach to building and scaling enduring businesses.


  • "Arthur Ventures has been an amazing partner to work with. They let founders run their companies and provide value where they can without being intrusive. Great firm!"

    Anthony James
    Founder/CEO, Linux Academy

  • "Arthur Ventures really understands our business. They like product-heavy companies that are profitable and don’t need to raise money to survive."

    Greg Kraios
    Founder/CEO, 250ok

  • "Arthur Ventures has been an amazing partner through the ups and downs, and multiple funding rounds."

    Max Lynch
    Co-Founder/CEO, Ionic

  • "Arthur Ventures has been an invaluable partner at every stage and is committed for the long haul."

    Chad Halvorson
    Co-Founder/CEO, When I Work

  • "Arthur Ventures embodies the VC-as-a-service-provider ethos. When founders I trust are considering a capital raise, I recommend them without qualification."

    Clay Collins
    Co-Founder, Nomics