Partnering With Zipnosis

We are very excited to announce our most recent investment in Zipnosis! Zipnosis is a Minneapolis, MN based virtual care software solution for healthcare providers. Jon Pearce and his team are driving forward a vision that is changing the way in which patients’ access healthcare, and the way that providers deliver care for common medical conditions. The shift that Zipnosis is leading is as fundamental to the healthcare system as the convenient care model that companies such as Minute Clinic (now CVS) and Take Care Health (now Walgreens) pioneered to improve access, reduce costs and enhance the patient experience.

Our partners had a chance to participate as investors in Take Care Health and this experience led us to an understanding of the rapid growth and shift in the healthcare market which focuses on taking high volume primary care into a less expensive care delivery model. Zipnosis takes this vision one step further making it even more efficient, effective and accessible for patients and providers through their enabling technology platform. The healthcare system is broken, and in its current shape and form manifests a relatively unsustainable business model. The innovators at Zipnosis have known this for a number of years and are addressing key issues with their solution to enable care providers to deliver healthcare more efficiently and acquire new patients.

The Zipnosis software solution allows healthcare providers to treat medical conditions in an “asynchronous” visit. This means that patients can receive treatment without needing to have a live in-person visit with a physician, or “synchronously” online through a video/telephone connection directly with a doctor as done with traditional telemedicine solutions. The system works when a patient logs into the website or mobile application powered by Zipnosis and completes a series of questions; this smart questionnaire and its answers are forwarded electronically to a physician via the Zipnosis platform. The physician can respond instantly with a pharmacy prescription in minutes, and allows the patient to be diagnosed, treated and cared for in adherence to evidence-based medial guidelines.

Through the Zipnosis platform, patients can receive prompt, high-quality care for common medical conditions such as sinus infections, female bladder infections, pink eye, or cold, cough and flu via mobile phone, computer and tablet. An asynchronous model ensures adherence to evidence-based medicine, while guiding connections between clinicians and patients. The platform is incredibly efficient, leading clinicians to provide diagnosis and treatment for common ailments in less than two minutes a visit! This is transformational, especially for those of us who dislike the amount of time it takes to go to the doctor for something as simple as a sinus infection or cold. Additionally, Zipnosis can attract new patients to a health system, building an incremental revenue stream for hospitals without adding additional clinical staff.

We are extremely excited to welcome the Zipnosis team to the Arthur Ventures family of Partner Companies and look forward to working with them to continue their quest to transform the healthcare delivery model.