Our investment in Rhiza

Today we are pleased to announce our Series A investment in Rhiza! Based in Pittsburgh, with an office in Seattle,Rhiza’s marketing analytics tools make Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople.

In a world of seemingly unlimited data sources and an abundance of dashboards, Rhiza’s platform stands out in its ability to deliver detailed recommendations based on integrated consumer insights to enable its customers to make smarter decisions to grow their business.

Rhiza accomplishes this through a simplified and elegant user interface that allows users to develop marketing plans, support multi-channel media buys and create data-driven sales and market collateral – all in real-time!

They are addressing a problem that I personally dealt with during a stint in Microsoft’s advertising division.  Watching our sales reps (trying to sell the ad space from our own web properties to large advertisers) interact with our researchers and data analysts to gather insights (such as targeting, segmentation, coverage, etc.) to present to the customer was painful.  It would take multiple hours, even days, to gather custom analysis that was a mash up of a bunch of massive Excel pivot tables and was hard to understand.  Rhiza’s platform allows better work to be conducted in a matter of minutes with beautiful visual presentation, saving time for the researchers and data analysts while empowering the sales rep.

It’s no wonder why Rhiza has some great brands such as Comcast, Univision, Cox Media, Cox Reps and Experian using its platform today at scale.

There are two key similarities between Rhiza and the other Arthur Ventures partner companies:  First, Rhiza has been completely bootstrapped up until today’s funding round, which is a pretty incredible feat given the large brands they have been supporting.  Second, they are led by a dynamic, thought-leader CEO in Josh Knauer, who has distilled a strong culture throughout the company and does things the right way.

There are so many things we at Arthur Ventures are excited about with this investment.  We get to enter a new market in Pittsburgh, work with new co-investors in Draper Triangle Ventures and CampOne Ventures and most importantly we are get to partner with Josh and the Rhiza team as they continue to make Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople!