Our Investment in Ionic

Arthur Ventures is thrilled to announce our partnership with Madison-based Ionic. Arthur Ventures was the sole participant in their seed round.

We started tracking Ionic and co-founders Max Lynch and Ben Sperry over one year ago after consistently hearing great things about their team. In doing so, we watched them bootstrap their way to profitability while amassing over 3,000 paying customers between Codiqa (front-end development tools for HTML5 mobile applications) and Jetstrap (front-end development tools for websites built on Twitter Bootstrap).

Our interest remained really high during that time, but then they alpha launched the Ionic and our interest went through the roof.

Ionic is a framework that allows developers to build hybrid mobile applications that look and feel like native applications using standard web technologies (HTML5/JS/CSS). Ionic delivers beautiful design and performance elements that native applications are known for while enjoying the flexibility, time and cost advantages associated with HTML5 applications. We 100% align with their hypothesis that web technology adoption and development in mobile will outgrow native technologies in the long-run.

We look forward to partnering with Max, Ben and the Ionic team as they work towards their big vision of being the dominant mobile development platform.