Continuing to be bullish on small business software – Our investment in Talkroute

Over the past two years, Arthur Ventures has loved investing in software that dramatically improves the lives of small business owners.  Whether it be introducing marketing automation and CRM (see: Infusionsoft), providing the highest converting landing pages in the market to take their lead generation to unforeseen levels (see: LeadPages) or helping them keep their sanity with beautifully simple employee schedule (see: WhenIWork) we have seen first hand the powerful and immediate impact software can have in a small business.

Today, we are honored to add another promising company to this great list of Arthur Ventures’ partners that serve this great market.

Meet Talkroute.  Based out of Chicago and founded by brothers Paul and Eric Howey, Talkroute is the easiest virtual phone system for small businesses.  

Most small businesses would like a phone option that is more than a single line, but doesn’t have the feature overload of an enterprise system.  Talkroute enables its customers to take an existing single phone line and immediately turn it into a full phone system to manage their business with the features small businesses actually want most such as multiple phone numbers, call forwarding, call menus, hold queues, hours of operation, custom audio, voicemail, caller ID and much more. 

Reliability is crucial for small businesses.  Calls lost are business lost.   By connecting calls through existing cellular carriers utilizing the Public Switch Telephone Network, Talkroute is able to avoid cellular data plans and maximize reliability (99.98% uptime record) that competing solutions like VOIP lack.

Small businesses want easy deployment and pricing.  Talkroute can be fully deployed in a matter of minutes, requires zero new equipment and has a very simple flat-rate pricing plans that don’t bill you by the minute.

With thousands of businesses on the Talkroute system in just about one year since launch, we think Talkroute is on the right side of change in a market that will be experiencing much of it over the next 10 years.

We are thrilled to work with Paul and Eric.  We have a genuine appreciate for the thoughtfulness with which they’ve built Talkroute.  Bootstrappers at heart with a big vision, they’ll fit right into the Arthur Ventures partner network.

Welcome aboard!