Arthur Ventures Fund II

It’s finally here!  We are very pleased to announce that we have raised $45 million in Arthur Ventures Growth Fund II, L.P. from like-minded investors who believe in and support the mission of Arthur Ventures.  I would like to thank our entire partnership and team of Doug Burgum, Dave O’Hara, Lauris Molbert, Kathy Laney, Andy Christensen, Megan Lind, Pat Meenan, Kayleigh Biloki and Dennis Erdle for being such an investable group.  When an investor makes a commitment to this fund, they make a commitment to this team of people and entrust them to build and drive value with our Partner Companies.

Most importantly, however, I would like to thank our entrepreneurs and teams that we partnered with in AVI.  Without their courage and dedication to build high-impact businesses we would not have been able to raise a 2nd fund.  In addition to our expanded team, the growth and momentum of the AVI Partner companies helped define our story and value proposition.  Thank you AVI Partners for allowing us to share your stories.  Our Partner Company success is paramount and their stories are why we are inspired to do what we do as venture capitalists.

Our AVII investors are individuals and families that aligned and identified with our story and our mission.  I’m personally humbled to have an opportunity to serve such an accomplished and esteemed group.  More than any dollar amount we could have raised, the opportunity to work for this group of investors is an honor and we feel fortunate to be in partnership with them.  We are grateful for all of the support but now the real work begins on setting forth to seek out new Partners to continue our efforts of building high-impact companies.

If you have a new business idea that leverages the power and magic of software please let us know, AVII is open for business.  We are seeking new Partners who share our values and have aspirations to change the world…while doing so with rock-solid business models, competitive differentiation, strong leadership teams, friction-less sales models, superior customer service, simple and powerful branding/messaging, large and fast growing markets, customer traction etc./etc. – did I mention customer traction?!